Now on Sixth day of the Spectrum auctions bidding has brought in around Rs 1.5 lakh so far

The bidding started up again on Sunday morning with the 31st round and the next round is presently going on according to reports

However they went on to say that a lot will depend on how the bidding developed over the day. The total amount of bids in the telecom spectrum auction had nearly reached the Rs 1.50 lakh crore Mark as of Saturday

The 5G auction demonstrates the industry will to grow. It has resolved its issues' and is entering a time of expansion 

The results of the auction are excellent the sector has committed abput the Rs 1,49,966 crore to the purchase of Spectrum "Speaking at a press conference in Mumbai following a roundtable for telecom investors on Saturday

The auction and its excellent reaction according to the minister, highlight the maturity of the sector. 

Reliance Jio owned by billionaire Mukesh Ambani Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and division of Adani Enterprises owned by billionire Gautam Adani are competing for the 5G Spectrum

In this we get Speeds that are roughly 10 times faster than 4G lag free connectivity and the ability for billions of connected devices to share date in real time 

The 5G or the Fifth Generation would enable solution like e-health, connected vechicles, more immersive augmented reality and metaverse experiences, life-saving use cases, and advanced mobile cloud gaming, among others

In addtion to enabling ultra-low latency connections. which allow downloading full length high quality video or movie to a mobile device in a matter of seconds (even in crowded areas) 5G would also power ultra-low latency connection

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