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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 New Foldable Phones

Galaxy z Fold 4 Flip 4 5G minitech.in
Galaxy z Fold 4 Flip 4 5G minitech.in

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 new Samsung upcoming Foldable handset. Over the past few weeks, we are hearing about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its possible design changes. May tipster cames forward to say that the aspect ratio of this handset is changing a bit to make it wider and the handset adopt the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera system.

Even though we have all the camera details we did know that it actually looks like a phone release so what the changes do really looks like. All leaks have shared the first look of Galaxy Fold Z 4 revealing everything with been hearing about the handset has been true. This is based on official cad renders so expected to be 99% accurate.

As you can see that Z Fold 4 looked like her processor but there are some key design changes. First, the rear camera, which looks like Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra except for the camera sensors to appear to be in true depth mode because Samsung is finally using a flagship great camera system on the Z Fold 4.

The three-camera was taken for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and 108 megapixels main camera and 10 megapixels 3 times telephoto unit. When unfolded Z Fold 4 measures 7.1mm Thick and that is the reason camera sensors are true D mode than the S22 Ultra. The change in dimensions confirms that Z Fold 4 deep getting shorter and wider.

The cover display was not wider than Oppo’s Foldable phone thus, indeed look wider. The ice universe says that it is wide as iPhone 13 mini. If that is indeed the case that people should not face any problem with that. Also, the phone look boxer if we compare it with Z Fold 3. Interestingly Samsung has actually increased the thickness of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 from 6.4mm to 7.1 mm.

Probable it does not change as the battery size increase. But most probably it has included the new and bigger camera sensors but the ice universe said that it is quite lighter than its predecessor. In fact, it said that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is lighter than the iPhone 12 Pro models with a case that would be lighter than 260 grams. But by the way Z Fold 4 was 271 Grams.

Only they had made an indeed change in henge design and hidden mention that the actually the changed to be. We already know that they are gonna be to use a single henge setup probably the reason to phone is significantly lighter. Samsung will offer the handset in three color options Black, Beige, and grey.

The charging speed of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 has been revealed. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has 25W same as his predecessor but the same enough was with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 it has 15W more than his predecessor. It has 3700 mAh battery which 400 mAh more than its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold 4 has been updated in the charging and battery department.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 New Foldable Phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Launch Date

We will be getting to see this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 up to Late July or early August. For more updates able the bells icon. So you get the post first.

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