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Google Pixel Watch Exclusive leaked images.

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing a lot of leagues and rumors about the Google Pixel Watch. Today we are going to talk about Google Pixel Watch, Android Central has posted a photo in which they have shared the photo of the Google Pixel Watch and they have told that apart from this they have found this watch in a restaurant. This device is currently undergoing testing in the US International.

If we believe the leaks, then the Google picture will be similar to the image, from its leaks and renders, we know that this smartwatch will come with a round dial and it will be without bezels, on the side of which a round dial is seen like Apple.

This band looks exactly like the Apple support band, if we believe the report, this time there was no source of the charger in the smartwatch, apart from this, if we believe the sources, then when they gave power, this time nothing happened in the watch. The operating system may not have been added yet as it is currently in test mode.

If we believe in rumored, then an internal code name has been given from it, whose name is “Rohan”. If we believe the latest tipster Evan Blass said that the Rohan will be launched soon, although the tipster has not told us when it will be launched, a different tipster John Prosser has told us that it will be seen next month at Google’s I/O 2022. According to this, we can get to see this device at an annual conference on May 11-12.

If we are to believe the previous articles and reports, the Google Pixel will come with Google Assistant, a Samsung Exynos chipset to power it, it is being designed that it will listen to your voice and work without Google it. Send to Google servers. We will get to see a lot of features in it like Heart Monitoring, SpO2, Sports Modes, Stress Mode’ but we are expecting that the calling feature may also be present along with Android App support.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch

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