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APPLE WWDC 2022 Leaks & Rumors or Special Features

APPLE WWDC 2022 minitech.in
APPLE WWDC 2022 minitech.in

APPLE WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2022 is less than 1 week away and this weekend Mark Garman had a few leaks that we have to see as a new enhanced lock screen for iOS 16, Improve Multitasking for iPad Os, Refined watch navigations and watch Os 9, more smart home features for TV OS, redesign Mac Os, Mac OS 13 and much more.

In iOS 16 we get new lock screen wallpaper that has widget-like capabilities on display. For those who need features refreshing Always on Display is better to round for a long time for Android phones and allow users to glance at their Devices and see information like time, Date, and Notifications.

This work best with the phone which has OLED Display only pixels needed for the text or icons will be turned on and the whole will be black which improves our battery life. Apple want to implement these features last year in iPhone 13 in its LTPO Display but it is apparently the same iPhone 14 Pro model. Personally, I also looking want an Always-on Display looking for iPhone soon. We can glance at our phones which may be on the table or desk.

We can also get some improvement in iPad OS improvement specifically with windowing and multitasking. Now we don’t have a turn of information what exactly what that means but Parently web can add infrastructure for multitasking mode and allow the developer to either tackle on or off the ability for the user to freely resize windows so this is a very huge feature for iPad user because a lot of iPad was looking for this features who want more desktop-like experience when it comes to windows and App Management. Freely just size windows on the macOS will be a huge step for iPad users.

We can also expect to see messages social network like functionality in audio messages you can also expect to see new Redesign Mac apps and even an overhaul to system preferences to make it more in line with the iOS settings and Garmin also mentioned that the Apple TV operating system TV OS will get smarter than its home times too but we don’t have any more information what actually going to be.

Apple Watch gets day-to-day operating and navigation improvements and also the addition of low power mode. The latest rumors join other rumors over the last few months so just quickly recapping a few of those we can expect to see an improvement in the notification on iOS 16. We can also be expected new crash detection features that will alert emergency services on iPhone or watch via watch Os9.

Rumors around the Apple fresh apps on the Mac even on iOS, iOs, iPad OS, and even on the company might have to finally bring them MAC mail app on the 21st century even I iOS mail app was made with better features that would be great. We will see the calculator app on the iPad. In Apple Music, we see some improvement and even a new spin add a new app called app classical based highly on classical music and turns on other minor features.

It also introduce Apple M2 Chip and the new MacBook Air featured with M2 Chip and a newly redesigned form factor. The recent supply chain crunch is due to COVID-related issues in China. But the Apple employee used the next-generation MacBook with the new app so it is a sign of a new Mac. So you can watch the WWDC 2022 Event on Youtube, Apple TV, etc.

Apple WWDC 2022 minitech.in

APPLE WWDC 2022 Event Date

The event date is not confirmed yet but is between Mon,6th Jun 2022 – Fri, 10th Jun 2022

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