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4G Smartphone vs 5G Smartphone which should we buy in 2022


4G Smartphone vs 5G Smartphone which should we buy in 2022. Today in this post we are going to tell you whether we should take a 4G phone or a 5G smartphone, as well as all your doubts, we are going to clear it, if anything remains in it, then you can tell us below in the comment section. Tell me we will try our best to clear your doubt.

Today, first of all, we are going to talk about 5G, if there is a smartphone manufacturing company and it is bringing its 5G smartphone, then it will tell everyone very well that it will write in very big letters that 5G is with the feature. I will make it very high and will tell in it that it has so much band support, so much band support.

If we think of this as logic, then 5G has been launched in India so far, which is a very bad thing for us. What did we think about getting a 5G phone?
When 5G comes, we will be the first to use it, even if we have compromised a bit, it is being told that 5G will come by the end of 2022 or in 2023, it is not that it will come immediately after coming and we will start using it immediately, it will be stable.

I give you an example when Airtel first launched 4G in 2012 after that Jio brought 4G in 2016 in which it gave free 4G to everyone for some time we can calculate that from 2012 to 2016 which is 4 years So you can see how long it took for us to adopt 4G, so we can think that when 5G comes in 2023 or at the end of 2022, how long will it take to become stable, it is a matter of later how much. How expensive it will be, how cheap it will be, about which we do not even know.

Which is value for money 4G smartphone vs 5G smartphone

To explain this, I am taking an example of two phones like Redmi Note 10S and Redmi Note 10T both the smartphone is around 15,000. Let’s know about the difference between these two phones.

ModelRedmi Note 10S (4G)Redmi Note 10T (5G)
ProcessorMediaTek Helio G95Mediatek Dimensity 700
CameraQuad Camera SetupTriple Camera
Battery5000 mAh with 33W Fast charging 5000 mAh with 18W Fast charging

As compared to a 4G and 5G phone, some shortcomings are coming out in 5G phones, if we look at the flagship level phone compared to 4G phones, then they are coming very good as well as we need 5G. Offering features. But if we talk about the mid-segment, then we are getting fewer features in 5G. So if we look at 4G phone then we get value for money here because 5G has not arrived in India yet.

4G connectivity stops when 5G is Launched?

If we talk about whether 4G will stop after the arrival of 5G, then friends it is not like this at all because if this were to happen then friends would not have launched their 4G smartphones because you must have seen that the friend who is launching 5G phone with him. He is launching 4G phones equally.

4G Smartphone vs 5G Smartphone
4G Smartphone vs 5G Smartphone

Which we choose the 4G Smartphone vs 5G Smartphone?

If you are going to get a phone, then, first of all, you have to look at the features in the phone, which phone you are getting good features at that price, as well as you have to see whether you are getting good features in 4G or 5G, right? That you have to give priority to 5G because we don’t know how long it is going to take for 5G to come to India and become stable here then why compromise with the phone

Comment and tell us what you like in this post “4G Smartphone vs 5G Smartphone” and tell us that you are currently 4G smartphone which is his 5G. What do you want to add more to 4G Smartphone vs 5G Smartphone?

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